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Yoga Helps with Sexual ‘Control’

Is Yoga the Cure for Premature Ejaculation?
It seems like just about everybody is doing yoga nowadays.
It helps to relax us, invigorates us, makes us be more flexible and improves circulation.  But can yoga also help with your sex life?  Apparently so.  Especially in men who would like to have more control over how long they last […]

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How to sexually arouse a woman

Real data on the best ways to arouse a woman!

1. Find out where her arousal lies.
Every woman is different. The first step to arousing a woman is to find out what type of things arouse her. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming there will be one trick that will work for everyone.

There are a […]

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Low Desire Pill Addyi, Effective?

Addyi, not terribly effective, says the research presented to the FDA:

read FDA report on efficacy

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Sexual Exploration: Get help

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Connecting Sex Toys

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Arousal Type Test

Get your Arousal Type immediately here!

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Arousal Tools: Sexual Surrogacy

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BDSM Erotica

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