Drops of Lubricant

A good lube is essential to an excellent anal experience. But which lube is best to use for anal? It depends what is most important to you. And yet there are a few tips to consider when shopping for an anal lubricant.

  • Overall, the thicker, heavier duty lubricants are preferable.
  • It also is helpful to avoid lubes that have additives. The anal tissue is highly absorbing, so the more natural the better.
  • Water-based lubes (thicker ones) or silicone-based lubes are better than oil-based because oil-based lubes when you are using with condoms or most anal toys.  The oil will break down condoms and silicone toys. But if you are not using condoms or toys, then oil can be an effective, natural and heavy duty alternative.
  • Stay away from the desensitizing creams. Anal play, if done well, never has to have pain. Desensitizing creams take away delicious sensations, as well as, make you less aware when something is less-than-optimal.
  • Silicone and thicker lubes last longer.

Some recommendations of tried and true anal lubes are:

Thicker Lubes:Elbow Grease Lubricant Recommended Anal Lube

Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel:
All the power of elbow grease, in a water-base. The thicker consistency means this lube lasts longer than most water-based lubes.
We found Elbow Grease H20 here

Lynk Anal Lube:Lynk Lube Recommended Anal Lubricant

Made specially for anal play. Recommended by all of our reviewers for it’s thick, yet sensual feel, while still being a water-based more natural lube (paraben and glycerin free).

We found Lynk Lube here

Silicone Lubes:

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant:Gun Oil Anal Lubricant

A silicone lube that is heavy-duty slippery, long-lasting and contains nurturing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.  Ideal for anal play.

We found Gun Oil Lube here

Pjur Analyse Me Lubricant:Pjur Analyse Me Anal Lubricant

This is a thick and silicone, designed for anal play. Very thick and it works well with condoms and most toys. It brags added Jojoba to enhance relaxation.

We found Pjur Analyse Me here

Silver Sliquid Silicone LubeSilver Sliquid Lubricant Winner of Sex Lubricant of the Year 2018

Winner of “Sex Lubricant of the Year,” XBiz Awards 2018.

We found Silver Sliquid Lube here