2018 Winner of “Most Innovative Pleasure Product”

Most Innovative Pleasure Product:
I always look forward to the  “Most Innovative” category of  sex toy (sorry, pleasure product) at the adult awards every year.  And this year of 2018 was especially interesting for women as it also won the “Luxury” category.

Most innovative sex toy (pleasure product) for Design:
Clandestine Devices have won Best Pleasure Product at […]

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Is there are wrong way to initiate sex? One sex therapist says there is.

Initiating sex — there is no “right” way, but there may be a “wrong” way.  The wrong way to initiate sex is when one person assumes their way is the only way, without taking their partner’s preferences into consideration.

There are many, many ways to initiate sex, and knowing which style(s) your partner prefers could mean […]

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What are the qualifications of a sex therapist?

The real qualifications of a sex therapist are often unknown to the people looking for help with sex and relationships.

Something felt ‘off’ to Carrie when she left her new therapist’s office. She had arrived feeling excited but confused about a recent sexual experience. Her new lover had slapped her buttocks in the heat of the […]

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My sexual script is gone, what do I do now?

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Are you a TOP? Are you a bottom?
If so, we want you!

This questionnaire is about erotic power orientation, it is not about pain. Sorry for the omission, we are fully excited by these activities ourselves, but we blatantly ignore pain for a reason we will disclose later.

While there are some rather repetitive questions, it will […]

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Playing with Power: Making sex hotter in long-term relationships

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ~ Oscar Wilde
Playing with power is an underlying theme in many people’s fantasies.  But the image that appears for many people when they think of playing with power as one which includes whips, chains and all of those other things associated with […]

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What is the SuDo Scale?

Have you ever wanted your partner to “take charge”?

Or has your partner complained that they want you to initiate more?

You might be mismatched on one element: who leads sex.

Some people like to lead sex and others just like to “let go” and enjoy their sexual moment.  If you don’t know where you (or your partner) […]

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Solutions for Anti-Depressant effects on arousal

Getting rid of Depression = getting rid of Sex

Alas, that is the trade-off many people who take antidepressants have to make, in order to feel happier. No matter which one you choose — you lose.

Cathy certainly felt that way. After an hour of lying in bed, hands between her legs, she realized that her favorite […]

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Yoga Helps with Sexual ‘Control’

Is Yoga the Cure for Premature Ejaculation?
It seems like just about everybody is doing yoga nowadays.
It helps to relax us, invigorates us, makes us be more flexible and improves circulation.  But can yoga also help with your sex life?  Apparently so.  Especially in men who would like to have more control over how long they last […]

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Low Desire Pill Addyi, Effective?

Addyi, not terribly effective, says the research presented to the FDA:

read FDA report on efficacy

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