Written by Dr. Petra Zebroff, Relationship and Sex Therapist


  • – Setting the scene: Preparation
  • – Find Your G-Spot
  • – Get the Motion
  • – Mental Stimulation
  • – Toys to reach G-Spot Orgasm

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The mysterious G-Spot is no longer such a mystery. And the orgasms that result from a little massage of the G-Spot can be explosive.  The G-Spot Orgasm is an orgasm arising from stimulation of the G-spot, an area a few inches inside the vagina, that is deeply connected to the ‘internal’ clitoris. It has been described as a feeling that is close to the intensity of a clitoral orgasm but involving a feeling of “bearing down”, or an urgency to pee. It is this orgasm that has been linked most often to female ejaculation.

Anatomy & Physiology of the G-Spot Orgasm

G-spot sexual anatomyThe G-Spot is the size of a dime and located approximately 1 – 2 inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall (front of the body). Do not look for a precise G-Spot ‘structure’, as the G-Spot is an area that is not really inside the vagina at all, but behind the anterior wall.
Click here to learn more about the Anatomy of the G-Spot

Here’s How

Setting the scene for G-Spot: Preparation

Time and Space

Orgasm takes focus. It is essential that you not be distracted. Clear a time/ space that will allow you to relax without being interrupted.

Go to the bathroom first

G-spot stimulation may give you the sensation of having to urinate. Pee first and rid yourself of that worry.

Go solo to start

Masturbation is the easiest way to reach orgasm. This is because you are not distracted by another person. You are able to focus on what you like and won’t get bored or cranky with repetition.

Get sufficiently aroused

Increasing arousal to a high enough point is crucial to orgasm. Sexual arousal causes the G-Spot to swell and become easier to find. It will grow from a dime size (unaroused) to a quarter size (aroused). Use a vibrator, a dildo, or your favorite erotica to get yourself going.

Dedication to pleasure

Remember pleasure is the goal, not orgasm.  The ability to reach orgasm happens mostly in the mind. It is difficult to reach orgasm if you are feeling pressure to orgasm, or guilt or shame about sex. Having an orgasm requires “letting go” into the pleasure. If you are worried about what your mother might think or what a priest said about shame, then an orgasm may be difficult to achieve. You need to give yourself permission to have sexual pleasure.

Getting Started with G-Spot Stimulation

Find Your G-Spot

1. Get into a comfy position.

Solo: Position yourself in a comfortable position, where you can easily access your vagina. Squatting is recommended for women to find their own G-Spot.

With a partner: Lie or lean back with your partner sitting between your legs.

2. Use A Finger:

Solo: Start off with a finger, it will allow you to feel the telltale spongy, almost rougher, texture area more easily, compared to the surrounding smoother vaginal wall.

With a partner: Your partner kneels between your legs, angling their finger in a “come hither” position. Have them insert their finger approximately 1-2 inches inside your vagina.

Get the Motion

Firm pressure is the key to stimulating the G-spot.

Come Hither

Press the finger, vibrator, dildo or penis against the G-spot. Use firm circular pressure in a “come hither” motion.

Use a G-Spot DildoCosmic G-Spot Dildo

It is important to find a dildo that has a curved and firm end. This allows you to use leverage and firm pressure at a precise angle to help reach this relatively small, sensitive area.  We recommend Cosmic G, a long time favorite of Sexologists and women. (more about Cosmic G Wand at our partner). $12 at GoodVibes

Use a G-Spot Vibrator

The added vibrations are exactly what many women need to increase the sensation for orgasm.  For other women this feeling is just too intense.

We recommend: Gigi Vibrator  as the first choice for g-spot stimulation because it has a wide, flat head that can give gentle Nova G-Spot Vibrator by We-Vibe(diffused) vibrations or a pointy end for more directed, intense vibrations. It has the best of both worlds. At GoodVibes.
Award-winning g-spot stimulator of 2017 is Nova Vibe


A Penis

Since most penises don’t have the telltale curve to them, you will need to rely on the position to get enough pressure on the G-Spot.

Best positions for G-Spot access

The best positions for accessing your G-Spot are the Reverse Cowgirl where the man is lying on his back and the woman is straddling him, facing away from him and facing towards his feet. Another excellent position is with the woman lying down on her back with her knees bent,. Her partner is kneeling between her legs on the bed and they are facing each other. The man pushes against her knees and uses them as leverage for creating the right angle and pressure.


Experiment with various levels of pressure, including on the surrounding areas. Focus in on the area that gives you the most pleasure.

Step it up

Quicken your hand or penis motion, or add a G-Spot Vibrator to increase intensity to the G-Spot.

Mental Stimulation

Orgasms don’t happen by physical stimulation alone. In fact, the majority of the orgasm occurs in the mind.

If you are blocked by stress, expectation, negative sexual messages, guilt, fear, or boredom, you could be blocking your orgasm potential.

Use fantasy and mental images. Know what you like and use it to build your arousal to a point where you can reach orgasm. To discover your Arousal Type, click here

Talk to your partner about getting the type of stimulation you need.  How to talk to your partner about sex.

What it feels like

The G-spot orgasm can feel intense, and even surreal.  Read more about how women describe their experience of g-spot orgasms.

Help to reach G-Spot Orgasm

Many toys are designed precisely for G-spot orgasms. Choose the type that appeals most to your eye.  Choose only toys that you find sexy! Learn more about the most stand-out g-spot tools.

Pure Wand: Delicious and slippery, metal makes this an ideal tool for G-spot orgasm. Worth every penny.Njoy Pure G spot wand

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    Winner of the AVN ‘O’ Awards 2009 for Outstanding Non-powered Product. – See more at: http://www.goodvibes.com/display_product.jhtml?id=1-3-BF-0507#sthash.suIqK7fc.dpuf