Are you a TOP? Are you a bottom?
If so, we want you!

This questionnaire is about erotic power orientation, it is not about pain. Sorry for the omission, we are fully excited by these activities ourselves, but we blatantly ignore pain for a reason we will disclose later.

While there are some rather repetitive questions, it will take only 12 min of your time.

What you get:
1. Be entered to win $100 gift certificate from The Art of Loving
2. The first (insider) copy of the report before the publication.

Please help us all understand what makes us tick, just a bit better.

Who are we?
We are a couple of sexologist/therapist/researchers interested in understanding the Top/bottom dynamic for a large research study.
Our first stop is with those of you in the kink community who kinda know who you are sexually (or at least have an idea what interests you).

Check us out here:
Dr. Petra Zebroff at
Dr. Pega Ren at