Women sexual arousal

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Real data on the best ways to arouse a woman!

1. Find out where her arousal lies.
Every woman is different. The first step to arousing a woman is to find out what type of things arouse her. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming there will be one trick that will work for everyone.

There are a few ways to do this.

  • Ask her.  It sounds too good to be true, but it may be that simple.
  • Listen to her answer. I hear women keep saying “I keep telling him,” but he never does what I suggest.  What has she already told you?  Do it!
  • Find out her arousal type.  Do the quiz, or read about the types.

2. Slow down.  Take your time to enjoy the moment, enjoy her.  This no-pressure energy allows her to feel her own desire and come to arousal on her own.

3. Stimulate her mind. Use fantasy, role-play and teasing to get her going before diving into the clitoris.

4. Stimulate her body.  There is an argument that says that some women don’t get spontaneously aroused.  But once they start having sex they are reminded of how good it can be.  Check in with her first to get her buy-in on this.   If you have the go-ahead, then start with a massage or a kiss and work your way down.

5. Start earlier in the day. Don’t asume you can grab her ass and she will get hot. Get her thinking about you and thinking about just how much pleasure she will have later. There is nothing like anticipation to get aroused.

6. Do things to de-stress. Stress can kill arousal like nothing else.

7. Don’t forget about the clitoris.  The one part of the body that will get her going more than anything else is the clitoris.  Other parts may be stimulating, but her real pleasure organ is the the clitoris.