Calling all couples!
The Oral Sex Challenge

Can you give oral sex for 30 minutes?  Do you want to receive oral sex?

Do you even know how long your average session lasts?  1 minute, 5 minutes?Oral Sex Challenge

Recently a few friends were talking about how it is difficult to gauge how long oral sex lasts — either giving or receiving.  The consensus was that 5 minutes would probably feel like 30 minutes.

But is that really true? We all left with a question in our minds, “what would 30 min of giving (or receiving) feel like?”

We decided to explore and found this exercise, which outlined the particulars of the challenge:

The challenge!

Give your partner oral sex for 30 min.  With one caveat — no one is trying to get anyone to orgasm during that time. Do whatever you want after the 30 min, but this challenge is designed to get both parties to enjoy their oral moment, without expectations.

Tips for the challenge

This is your oral sex challenge, and you can do it whatever way you want. We have put together the suggestions from those who have done the challenge thought were important:

  • Set the timer for 30 min. You want to relax and lose yourself in  the experience (on both sides), not have to check the time every few minutes.
  • Set the stage, making sure everyone is in a comfortable position, the temperature and light is right for the mood. You will be here for awhile, so make it work for both of you.
  • Props. Gather all the things you need or want beforehand (eg. ice, mints, tissues, chocolate, etc.) to make this experience fun and pleasurable for both of you.  Set them near you so you don’t have to get up and disturb the mood.
  • Talk about it before.  Do you want feedback during, before or after?  You certainly have the time for it. And you might learn a lot about your partner in the process.
  • Have some humor and good will.  When you give, give your all. Enjoy all your sensations and feelings. And be in the moment.
  • Start slow. You have time for “the build,” take it and pace yourself.  It allows everyone get into the moment gradually.

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