Written by Dr. Petra Zebroff, Relationship and Sex Therapist


“Deep, throbbing, connecting, and delicious”. These are the words that have been used to describe a cervical orgasm.

But what is a cervical orgasm? Cervical orgasms are a fancy way to describe the type of pleasure and eventual orgasm that can come from stimulating your cervix.

Cervical orgasms are described as “bonding” or “connecting” with a partner, but they don’t have to just come with partner sex. Dildos work, too!

Historically, the cervix was not considered to be an erogenous zone. In fact, many doctors (mostly male) believed that the cervix had no sensation at all.

Recent research proves differently. Through fMRI imagery, the cervix has been found to be responsible for strong sensation — including pain, pleasure and even “pain reduction”.

In other words, the cervix is “sensitive” and responsible for a unique type of sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Anatomy & Physiology of the Cervix

Cervix Sexual Anatomy“Cervix” literally translates as “the neck of the womb” from its Latin origins. It is located at the most interior part of the vagina and marks the entrance to the uterus. It has a cylindrical shape and protrudes through the anterior vaginal wall. The shape is similar to that of the end of a pear.

The opening of the uterus is called the Os, and is lined with “glandular pockets” that secret mucous. Referred to by some as “sperm hotels”, they help the sperm to live longer. The mucous of the cervix changes consistency during ovulation, becoming ultra slippery and less acidic, thereby helping the sperm to slip and slide more easily on their quest for the egg.

If a woman is sufficiently aroused, the uterus and cervix will lift up creating space in the vagina for a penis or dildo. If she is not aroused, bumping up against the cervix can feel unpleasant, even painful.

Different Sensation
The sensation of cervical stimulation and orgasm feels different from clitoral stimulation, because they are responding to two different nerve-systems.

The cervix responds to the hypo-gastric, pelvic and vagus nerve-systems, while the clitoris uses mostly the pudendal nerve-system.

Read how other women experience this orgasm.

Here’s How

Cervical stimulation is best done with a probe that is long enough to reach the back of the vagina and which can press against the cervix. A longer penis or dildo is ideal for this purpose.SExual Anatomy Female side Vagina and Cervix

Whatever you are using as stimulation — a penis, dildo or finger — it is difficult to isolate the cervix as the sole source of sensation/pleasure. In fact, you will inevitably stroke or press against other pleasure zones — such as the G-Spot and the clitoris – on the way to the cervix. In “normal” sexual situations these sensations blend together, each one adding more and different erotic sensations that can lead to what is called a ‘blended orgasm’.

Identify the Sensation

How do you know you are being aroused by the cervix and not the surrounding pleasure zones?

Pay attention to where you feel the most pleasure. Is it the opening of the vagina? Or, is it deep inside? Some areas can feel better at some times than others.

The cervical arousal feels ‘deep’ and lends itself to an ‘overall’ body sensation, rather than the localized sensation of the clitoris.

Take the time to ‘feel’ and remember the differences.

Every woman is different. Some women shy away from the g-spot sensation (1-2 inches inside), because it evokes the feeling of ‘having to pee’, others can’t orgasm without it. The same goes for the cervix. Stimulating the cervix feels deep inside and gives a whole-body feeling. For some it is ideal, for others it doesn’t have the oomph that clitoral stimulation gives them. Test it for yourself.

Mental Stimulation

Orgasms don’t happen by physical stimulation alone. In fact, the majority of the orgasm occurs in the mind.

If you are blocked by stress, expectation, negative sexual messages, guilt, fear or boredom, you could be blocking your orgasm potential.
Use fantasy/mental images. Know what you like and use it to build your arousal to a point where you can reach orgasm (read how to fantasize, find your arousal type).

Get the Right Tools

The best tools are the one that nature gave – the penis – or the more tailored version – the dildo.

A Penis:
The penis needs to be long enough to reach the cervix. Some positions are better than others.

A Dildo:

The size and shape is very important to cervical orgasm.  Longer is crucial, but the end (either pointy or broad) is a matterSiren Long Silicone Dildo of preference.

Slim: A longer slimmer dildo will target the cervix more precisely.
We recommend: Charm 2 Silicone Dildo

Broad head: A dildo with a broader head will give the cervix more surface area, making for broader and duller sensations — pressure-oriented. Many women like this type of stimulation, because it is less intense.
We recommend: Siren Silicone Dildo

Get the best tools for cervical orgasm


Getting Started:
Find a position that is comfortable and in which you have easy access to the vagina. Try sitting back in a comfortable chair or bed with your back propped up with pillows.

The Motion:
Introduce vaginal stimulation. When you are sufficiently aroused, move the head of the dildo inside the opening of the vagina. Slowly push it all of the way inside to the back of the vagina.

Angle your stimulation toward to the front of the body, or anterior side of the vagina.

Leave the dildo inside. Instead of thrusting in-and-out as you might do to stimulate the upper vagina and G-Spot, hold it inside and move it in little circles, or back and forth to feel the subtler sensations.

Remove it an inch or two and push it in again. Enjoy the sensation. Remember the sensation.


Getting Started:
Talk to your partner about your goals. He/she can be helpful to you if they know what your are trying to experience.
The Motion:
Focus on the deep thrusts that are angled toward the anterior side of the vagina.

Thrust deeply inside and stay there. Move around back and forth or in circles to give the cervix more of a massage. Less is more here, and this lack of motion can add to the intensity and intimacy of the experience.


The best access to the cervix is the anterior side of the vagina. Think of pressing in and toward the front of the body.

Woman on top straddling her partner
Deep penetration is possible. A woman can get the penis in exactly the right spot for her as she controls the angles, movements and the speed of the thrusting.

Rear Entry
Enables you to stimulate the anterior wall of the vagina — the front wall of the vagina with more nerve endings and sensation — as well as the area most easily stimulated in the cervix.

Once you get the sensation you like, stick with it.

Move with it and let your body enjoy the sensation. Don’t expect a focused orgasm (like you experience with the clitoris). The cervical orgasm is felt all over the body. Go with it, without pressure or expectation. The results can be tremendous.

Because cervical stimulation is by its nature deep inside the vagina, it is a good idea to go slowly, and allow your body to adjust. If you feel any discomfort, stop or slow down.