Is Yoga the Cure for Premature Ejaculation?

It seems like just about everybody is doing yoga nowadays.
It helps to relax us, invigorates us, makes us be more flexible and improves circulation.  But can yoga also help with your sex life?  Apparently so.  Especially in men who would like to have more control over how long they last during intercourse.

Rapid ejaculation (aka premature ejaculation or PE) is defined as “ejaculating sooner than desired by BOTH partners”.   PE is a common occurrence experienced by 20 – 30% of the male population.

A recent study has found that yoga helps men overcome rapid ejaculation better than even the most effective drug treatment  (SSRIs).

What causes some men to feel their ejaculation is in their control while some men struggle to hold on for more than a few minutes?

Many factors contribute to PE, but there are two main theories to explain it, one biological and one psychological.  A current popular biological theory states that the neurotransmitter serotonin is a key to controlling the ejaculatory response.  Based on this theory, the popular anti-depressant, SSRIs, which regulate serotonin were also found to delay ejaculation.

The study of 68 men compared the effects of yoga and the drug (an SSRI) in Premature Ejaculation. What they found was that yoga was not only helpful to ALL men who were in the yoga group of the study, it was a more effective treatment than SSRI which only helped 82%.

Dhikav et al. Yoga in Premature Ejaculation: A Comparative Trial with Fluoxetine.  Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2007 Vol. 4 1726 – 1732.

How does yoga help premature ejaculation?

1. General well-being.  It helps your whole body function better.
2. It increases flexibility and blood flow to the muscles, especially those in pelvis.
3. The main reason yoga works so well for pe is because ejaculator control requires parasympathetic nervous system activation, which is the part of the nervous system responsible for calming the body down.  When the opposite (the sympathetic nervous system) is activated, the ejaculatory reflex is also activated.  We need to activate the parasympathetic nervous system in order to control the ejaculatory response.

PROS & CONS: Yoga as a treatment for PE:


  1. No cost.  You can do this on a mat or blanket in the privacy of your own home.
  2. General feeling of well-being. Several studies have shown that people who do yoga have better control of their stress and therefore better
  3. No medicinal side effects.  Other medical treatments for PE (such as SSRIs) have significant side effects. Often that affect other aspects of sexuality.
  4. Improve pelvic muscle tone and improve blood flow to pelvis.
  5. Confidence of flexibility and body strength.


  1. Yoga takes time.  On average the positive effects of yoga took an ongoing regimen of at least 8 weeks, whereas the SSRIs started to work in 4 weeks.
  2. Yoga takes effort.  Yoga requires physical exercise and dedication.